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Foxway is the leading sustainability enabler in Europe. Foxway’s core services base around electronic device circularity, offering sustainable IT solutions for public and private sector.

Foxway extends electronic device lifecycle through IT asset management, device buyback and resale solutions. Our partner network reaches from corporations in Scandinavia to Mobile Network Operators and retailers across Europe.

Foxway takes care of the device throughout its life. That includes used device testing, refurbishing and resale. This is where you, resellers, help close the circle giving electronic devices a second life.

After-sales market should have the same service quality. You deserve quick replies, low failure rates and fast purchase cycles. We value transparency and accuracy in our grading and customer relationship.

Over the years we have united more and more invaluable partners with our distribution network. We are extremely grateful for our ever-growing list of resellers and retailers. If your customers are happy, we are happy.

Why buy from Foxway?

Reliable goods

We don’t want you to waste time and money on returning goods. Every device has been tested individually to ensure an average return rate of just 2%.

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Simple and fast order process

Access real-time stock lists and order online through our webshop. Or work with our sales team to find the best devices for your business.

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Great device variety

We have multiple product categories for your needs. From smartphones to spare parts. From laptops to e-scooters. Conditions ranging from broken to new.

Chances are we have something for you.

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Competitive pricing

Every unit price is updated frequently according to current market trends and consumer demands. We are open to discuss price adjustments according to your local market and wholesale volume.

Dedicated account managers will find a win-win solution.

Device quality backed by 90-day warranty

We do our best to achieve grading transparency. Every item sold has gone through vigorous testing and needed refurbishing.

We repair what we can and find a use for spare parts. Devices are double and triple checked for accurate condition description.

We’re so sure of our testing process that we offer a 90-day warranty for all devices by default.


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Personal account management

Need a customized API? Have technical problems?

Your personal account manager is here to help you find the products you need.

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