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Find wholesale used Mac and PC laptops or spare parts for sale. Each device is individually tested and graded.

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We have models your customers want

Thanks to our international buyback solutions we’re receiving a wide range of laptops, monitors and their accessories. You’ll find new and used Apple and PC computers. Our high-demand stock includes computers like:

• Apple MacBook Pro
• Apple Macbook Air
• Lenovo Yoga
• Lenovo ThinkPad
• Asus ZenBook
• Dell Precision
• HP EliteBook


We're transparent in grading

The first thing we aim for is trust. We value transparency in grading and being open for negotiation. You’ll find explanations for laptop grading at every step in our online Reseller Store. You’ll find conditions like:

• Brand New computers
• 14-day returns
• Used laptops and computers
• Refurbished laptops
• Computers and spare parts for refurbishing

We work constantly to improve our grading system together with your feedback so you get what you expect.

This has kept our returns rate below 2%.

See our full laptop grading guide
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90-day warranty

Our customer-first approach reduces your risk purchasing wholesale used mobile devices. All items on site are fully functional and come with a warranty, including cosmetics.

If you receive something below our quality standards visually or functionally, we can give you replacements, a credit note or a refund – your choice.


Trusted by 800 resellers

We supply small business owners, franchises, retail chains, insurance companies and even mobile network operators with electronic devices. Our real-time stocklists and fast shipping reduces your risk. Our minimum order can be as low as 2000 euros.

We’re fast. We’re flexible. We’re your first choice supply partner.


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