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Buy reliable new, refurbished and used electronic devices. We offer the same quality service you expect when buying straight from the manufacturer.

If you see it on the site, it’s in stock and ready to ship with a 90-day warranty.

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Supplying resellers and retailers with reliable used devices

We supply small business owners, franchises, retail chains, insurance companies and even mobile network operators with electronic devices. Enjoy the largest product variety in Europe. From brand new and used, to products ready for your own refurbishing needs as spare parts. All used devices are individually tested, graded and physically in stock. Some of the refurbished product categories you can expect:

•  Mobile phones and smartphones
•  Apple & PC laptops
•  Mobile Broadbands
•  Mobile LCDs
•  Computer components
•  Headphones
•  Bluetooth speakers
•  Accessories

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Trusted by resellers across Europe

We ease your supply chain and quality fluctuations. Our international buyback partners ensure a constant supply for you. We cover everything from procurement to resale. Our strong team of technicians makes sure the quality is up to your standard.

Foxway is the largest supplier of new and used electronic devices in Europe. A less-than-2% return rate ensures us we are on the right path to becoming an irreplaceable partner for you too.

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We're transparent in grading

The first thing we aim for is trust. We value transparency in grading and being open to feedback. Each device is individually tested and graded. You’ll find products in conditions like:

•  Brand New electronic devices
•  14-day returns
•  Used electronics
•  Refurbished electronics
•  Electronic devices for refurbishing

We work constantly to improve our grading system together with your feedback, so you get what you expect.

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90-day warranty by default

Our customer-first approach reduces your risk of purchasing used electronics. All items on site are fully functional and come with a warranty, including cosmetic conditions.

If you receive something below our quality standards visually or functionally, we can give you replacements, a credit note or a refund – your choice.

We’re fast. We’re flexible. We’re your first-choice supply partner.

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Steady flow of brands your customers want

Thanks to our international buyback solutions, we’re receiving a wide range of electronic devices. This allows us to supply a regular flow of quality used electronics with an added sustainability value. We know what your customers ask for and supply resellers with high-demand brands like:

• Apple
• Samsung
• Huawei
• Lenovo
• Dell
• HP
• Ninebot
• Doro

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It's the Foxway of doing things

Established in 2009, Foxway has grown to become one of the largest circular economy companies in Europe, with a team of more than 1000 employees.

Foxway takes care of electronic devices at every step: procuring from operators and retailers, all the way to device resale after careful testing and repairing.

Our core value is sustainability by giving electronic devices a second, third or even fourth life. And we believe in our impact, in every step of the process.

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You're not lost

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